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dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Déclencheur de flash radio Phottix ODIN: firmware !

Phottix a mis à disposition un nouveau firwmare pour son déclencheur de flash radio ODIN en version NIKON.

Le contenu de la version v1.06:

1. Improves issue of flash not firing because of sleep mode when shooting long exposures.

2. Improves possible misfire issues occurring after a flash has been fired at a high power level.

3. Test Button and Light Meters: Pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes in A, B and C groups to fire simultaneously. Group(s) turned off will not fire.
When the flashes in A, B and C groups are set to Manual (M) mode, pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes (which are powered on and on the same channel as the transmitter) to fire an initial low-power pre-flash. The flashes will fire simultaneously at their set manual power levels 2.5s later. This feature allows for light meters to be used correctly.

4. Added function:Taking photos when the transmitter is displaying the version information will cause the transmitter to exit the version display screen and back to standard screen.

Pour télécharger le firmware (site Phottix): cliquez ici.

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